Holiday Gifts From Medical Supplies of Scottsdale

Scottsdale_Home_CareWhether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or that perfect gift, our Scottsdale Home Care agency has the answer. Medical Supplies of Scottsdale, located at Shea and Tatum, has plenty of unique ideas, especially for your senior loved one. Whether you want to pamper them or help with their pain relief, make sure to stop by this holiday season.

We have highlighted some of our favorite items for thoughtful gift giving this year.

For all ages, young and old alike, Medical Supplies of Scottsdale have the Nu Vita Skin Cleansing and Toning Kit and the Pedi-Quick Pedicure Kit. They also suggest our Gel Ultimates Moisturizing Gloves, Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream and Medline Remedy Olivamine Skin Repair Cream. Combine them, so that your loved one keeps every inch of their skin satiny smooth.

For the doctor in the family, what would delight them more than a beautiful all leather Physician’s Bag? They have them available in black, brown, or silver. We also have top of the line colorful stethoscopes.

For the athlete in the family, they have the Visco-Gel Joint Protection Sleeve, the Visco-Gel Microfiber Elbow Sleeve (Tennis Elbow, Anyone?), and NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks -also great for those on their feet all day. These ease discomfort on the bottom of foot, top of foot and the Achilles tendon. They soothe tired sore muscles strains and sprains.

For that expectant significant other on your list, they have all kinds of pre and post maternity items.

For those busy, on the go, who could use a little bit of help organizing, they have our Revolving Medicine Center; and Fashion Smart Pill and Vitamin Case, which comes in many colorful patterns. If you have a sinus sufferer on your list, then how about the Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Microwaveable Sinus Pillow? Stress Relief? The Nova Hand Exerciser is a colorful starfish and makes a great stocking stuffer; it strengthens grip and reduces stress.

Everyone can benefit from a good night’s sleep so consider the new Eclipse Cervical Pillow; the Chiligel Cooling Pillow Insert; and the Chili Bed Pad, the Chilitechnology cooling body pad.

Among their many canes, most of them foldable in a rainbow of colors, we recommend the Pathfinder adjustable lighted cane.

For those who need more stability, besides conventional walkers, they have the extraordinary Motivo. It comes in red, black or silver and can be customized with one of 6 removable graphic sets including flames, a flag motif, the universe, and even your favorite sports team’s logo!  It has a stowaway padded seat, easily accessible storage, a shelf with a cup holder, and weighs less than 20 lbs. They also have animal print Nova Mobility handbags.

For that independent soul on your list, they have scooters like the Buzzaround XL3 or our Literider series.

Our Scottsdale Home Care Agency is here to help out during the holidays (we chauffer, too).  We recommend stopping by Medical Supplies of Scottsdale to find a gift for everyone in your family, especially your senior loved one.

Medical Supplies of Scottsdale, 10810 N. Tatum Blvd, suite 118, on the NW corner of Tatum and Shea, near Whole Foods. They also deliver (602)-569-0207

Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Scottsdale Home CareIf you’re looking for a plum of a Scottsdale Home care agency, look no further!

“The children were nestled all snug in their beds, (thanks to extra help from Hyde Park),

While visions of sugarplums danced in their heads!”

Ah yes, sugarplums!  At Hyde Park Home Healthcare, we’re realistic. We understand that resisting all those “sugarplums” is almost impossible. We know you just need a little help overcoming those “visions” AND eating healthy during the holidays. Our Personal Chef, Sherry Satta, has ideas to help keep those January doldrums, due to extra pounds, at bay.

Make soup your holiday “go to”. It’s warm, comforting, and fills you up with minimal calories. Consider trying broth-based soups with vegetables for vitamins, chicken or beef for protein, and even some noodles for complex carbs. If you do want cream soups then switch the cream for milk (1% or 2 %). Add spices like curry, ginger, or cumin to a pumpkin, squash or carrot soup. Can’t resist that turkey sandwich? Well, we all know that turkey is the one healthy positive in holiday fare, but once you load your sandwich with mayo, gravy or cranberry sauce it defeats the purpose, so make an open-faced sandwich with a little light mayo, ultra-thin cheese, cucumber, tomato or lettuce. Accompany it with a warm cup of soup, which you eat first to fill you up and ward off more visions of sugarplums. Here’s one of the Satta family recipes for a “minestra” (a thick soup, chockful of goodness). Be sure to top it off with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil!

Minestra di Lenticchie e Verdure

(Vegetable Lentil Soup) – 6 servings

In a 5-quart Dutch oven over medium heat, saute carrots, celery, onion and garlic in oil until tender, 5 to 8 minutes. Stir in tomatoes , lentils, chicekn broth, potatoes and water. Stir with spoon to break up tomatoes. Add salt and pepper. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for 1 hour. Just before serving, stir spinach into soup. Simmer until spinach wilts, 10 minutes.

2 medium carrots, peeled and diced
2 medium stalks celery, peeled and diced
1 medium onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 T. olive oil
1 can (14 ounces) petite diced tomatoes
1 c. dry lentils
3 c. Homemade Broth, or 2 cans (14 ½ ounces each) chicken broth or 3 c. water with 3 chicken stock cubes or bouillon powder.
¾ lb potatoes, diced
3 c. water
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
½ lb fresh spinach large stems removed and thinly sliced

Last, but not least… thanks to our beautiful Scottsdale winter, walking is paramount whether around the block or further. Make each walk after a meal a chance to really get to know those visiting relatives or friends. You’ll feel better and will create more holiday magic.

Need some help with cooking during the holidays? Contact our Scottsdale Home Care Agency for a free consultation and to learn more about our Personal Chef.

Home Healthcare During the Holidays

Phoenix_Home_HealthcareThe holidays are just about upon us and Hyde Park Home Healthcare can help make the season merrier and much less stressful. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Stress and Depression can ruin your holidays and hurt your health. Being realistic, planning ahead, and seeking support can help ward off stress and depression .“ These two gremlins can be tamed by Santa’s elves, aka the Hyde Park caregivers.

The holidays can be overwhelming at best, lonely and isolating at worst. Here are the many ways Hyde Park Home Healthcare can come to the rescue:

  1. Getting your house ready for the holidays: This is the time of year that most people decorate, but sometimes just the thought of getting out all your beloved decorations or the cleaning beforehand can be too much. Our caregivers can get your tree out of storage, and decorate it with your direction or help. Ditto for all your seasonal treasures. We’ll deck your halls just the way you like it.
  2. Help with errands, shopping, wrapping, and attending events: Want to avoid the traffic, the crowds, and the dizzying hustle and bustle? Keep your mood mellow by letting our Hyde Park Home Healthcare elves chauffer you or take care of Santa’s list. Then, we can take over the wrapping or help you create beautiful packages.
  3. Food, whether every day or the main event: Our caregivers can keep you going and on top of your game with healthy, delicious snacks, hearty soups, sandwiches (turkey, per chance?), and great fare to let you have fun instead daily meal duty or the cleanup. You make the list; we’ll take care of the groceries. Got a holiday craving? We’ll go out for eggnog. Feel like making sugar cookies, we can do it together. For special dinners, parties or your favorite sugarplums (baked goods and desserts), we have personal chefs, who can help with the planning, the cooking, and deliver or cook in your home.
  4. Feast or Famine: Whether you need extra help with holiday visitors or your family’s all gone skiing, but that’s not your cup of tea, or your health keeps you from celebrating, we’re here to help. We’ll come up with refreshments for unexpected guests or keep you company, whether going out for a meal or event, watching Christmas movies, playing games, or just providing that reassuring touch.

Hyde Park Home Healthcare will keep you serenely in the holiday spirit. Ho! Ho! Ho!

In Home Healthcare During Flu Season

In_Home_HealthcareEveryone involved with in home healthcare knows that cooler weather brings two things to the Valley: Snowbirds and the Flu. With the gorgeous Phoenix weather, visitors are flocking in from other states, sometimes bringing viruses with them. On Oct. 15th 2016, the CDC (the Center for Disease Control) reported that the flu was sporadic in AZ, not yet widespread. Hyde Park Home Healthcare is happy to provide useful tips to prevent coming down with the flu this season!

The CDC has 3 guidelines to help avoid the flu:

  • Consider the flu vaccine: Influenza can cause serious illness and be fatal, particularly among older adults, very young children, pregnant women, and those with chronic medical conditions. PLEASE consult your doctor about getting the vaccine.
  • Take everyday preventive actions:  like staying away from sick people and washing your hands to reduce the spread of germs. If you are sick with flu, stay home for at least 24 hours once you are fever-free to prevent spreading flu to others.
  • Take flu antiviral drugs, if your doctor prescribes them.

Hyde Park Home Healthcare would like add some common sense suggestions:

Keep your immune system strong to help fight off the flu by:

  • Eating healthy- fresh fruits (kiwis/oranges for vitamin C), leafy vegetables (Spinach/Kale).
  • Take prescribed vitamins
  • Exercising, whether a walk around the neighborhood or doing light exercises at home.

How In Home Healthcare can help:

Most people think that in home healthcare is for catastrophic illness or mobility issues. This is not the case! Our caregivers can take care of you and your family as long needed. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Take you to the doctor
  • Run errands (the Pharmacy, Supermarket, etc.)
  • Prepare nutritious meals (including chicken soup)
  • Make sure you get fluids, medications, and set up a humidifier.
  • Pay bills (avoiding late charges)
  • Answer the phone, so friends/family know you’re okay.
  • Do laundry and other household chores

With more people living alone or with working partners, in home healthcare can be your solution to feeling better fast! Call us today for a free consultation – (480) 250-0304.

Help Seniors Avoid Isolation

Home_CareWith the constant evolution of today’s technologies, it is easy to get left behind and feel lost when it comes to communicating online. Seniors especially may have trouble keeping up with ways to connect with friends and family through new technology. Hyde Park home care professionals offer tips for seniors on ways to communicate and build relationships—both online and in the comfort of their own home.

Staying connected:

Nowadays, about six in ten seniors are using the Internet, disproving the stigma that social media and technology is for the youth. There are many ways to keep in touch with loved ones thanks to new technology and applications such as Skype and FaceTime, and social networks like Facebook. Skype is a video conferencing application where you and another person can both see and hear each other through the use of cameras. This makes it easy to connect with a loved one no matter the distance between. Facebook is a bit more technical, but easy to use after getting adapted. Through this social network, one can reconnect with old friends and join discussions on different relevant topics and interests.

Both Skype and Facebook are extremely helpful tools for seniors who want to stay in touch with others. Our home care professionals would be more than happy to teach your loved one how to use them.

Getting involved:

To avoid isolation it is important for seniors to get involved. Clubs and discussion groups are great to help build or strengthen relationships with peers. Some places offer current events clubs, where seniors can participate in a discussion surrounding events happening around the world. Other clubs give seniors the opportunity to hone in on specific interests like water aerobics or pottery, where they can enjoy their hobbies while also enjoying the company of others.

Build companionship:

For the seniors that are too ill or immobile to leave their home, it is still possible to have a companion and someone to spend time with. In addition, our professionals can help with every day activities that may be difficult for some to do on their own—such as bathing, eating and even transportation to appointments.

It is important for seniors to stay connected with loved ones and continue to build relationships. If you are interested in our home care services, call 480-250-0304 or visit our website.

Indoor Activities for Senior Citizens

Phoenix_In_Home_CareThe weather in Phoenix, Arizona, might be borderline excruciating, but it’s nonetheless important to stay active—especially for seniors. At Hyde Park, we have the perfect indoor activities for people of all ages, and our Phoenix in-home care providers are more than happy to accompany you and your entire family to any of the following activities this summer.

Indoor Activities to Try This Summer with Your Phoenix In-Home Care Provider

  1. Musical Instrument Museum
    With its beautiful exhibits on every musical instrument imaginable, this is a great family-friendly way to spend the day. We can help you plan a tour or eat at the café.
  2. Take a class
    Whether you want to take a cooking class at Sur La Table or calm your mind with a yoga class, we are here to help! Art, aerobics, and sewing classes are also great options to keep you active indoors this summer.
  3. Heard Museum
    Take your family to the American Indian Art and History Museum this summer for a day of fun and learning! Your Phoenix in-home care provider would be happy to help you plan this event.
  4. Go bowling
    Spend some time with your family, or join a summer league! Bowling is a great way to socialize and be active at the same time.
  5. See a new movie
    Whether you want to go to the new Harkins at Fashion Square or go to the nearest theater, it’s always fun to see new movies.
  6. Eat out
    Have dinner at a new restaurant, such as The Boss Pizza Bar or The Kettle Black, or enjoy your favorite meal in your most-loved restaurant. We’re happy to take you there!
  7. Take a weekend trip
    Flagstaff and Sedona are great places to cool off. If you’re feeling adventurous, our in-home care providers will join you on a trip to beat the heat.

Don’t let the intense hot weather prevent you from being active this summer. At Hyde Park Home Health, our Phoenix in-home care will give you skillful and gentle care that is customized to your needs, your wishes, and your schedule. For more information, call (480) 250-0304 or visit our website.

In Home Massage

In Home CareMassage therapy is one of the many in-home care services we offer at Hyde Park. Getting a massage is no longer restricted to luxury spas and upscale health clubs; our masseuse Linda Stea-Johnson, will come to your home. If you’ve never tried a massage, learn about all the physical and emotional health benefits that even a single massage can offer senior citizens.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

“There are so many benefits of massages, including decreased anxiety and depression, enhanced sleep quality, greater energy, improved concentration, increased circulation, reduced fatigue, increased immunity, headache relief, increase in joint flexibility and range of motion and most importantly muscle pain relief,” says Linda. Beyond these benefits, some people enjoy a massage because it often produces feelings of caring, comfort and connection. Massages also aid in relieving stress and tension.

There’s no denying the power of massage therapy. Linda recommends that her clients get a massage at least once or twice per month to see results.

“Massage therapy has been a wonderful addition to our in-home care services,” says Hyde Park owner, Polly Morris. Linda has worked with Hyde Park Home Healthcare Professionals since 2014, and our customers are extremely satisfied with her services.

Linda Stea-JohnsonLinda is originally from Philadelphia but has lived in Arizona for 25 years. She graduated from Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College in 1991 and has been a massage therapist for 25 years. She also has a degree in exercise science and is a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer. Linda works as a lifestyle coordinator for a corporate fitness company but loves working at Hyde Park because it gives her the opportunity to work with people who suffer from afflictions and allows her to bring some comfort and companionship to their lives. It is so rewarding to see their smiling faces and know that she is making a difference in their lives.

Add monthly massages to your healthcare regimen. Linda offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Tai Foot Massage and geriatric massage. Call Hyde Park In-Home Care at (480) 250-0304 to book an appointment with her.

Caregiver Of The Week – June 2016

Our Caregiver of the Week award is presented to those who take their dedication to caregiving to the next level. Each caregiver listed below possesses a strong work ethic, is a great team player and is flexible on a daily basis. Every month we like to honor the individuals on our team who go above and beyond the normal exceptional service all of our caregivers provide!

Scottsdale CaregiverTheodore Arviso

Theodore Arviso was born in Gallup, New Mexico but was raised on a reservation by his grandmother in Manuelito, NM. The land is blessed with many of New Mexico’s colorful plantation, which is just one of the reasons he likes to visit as often as possible. Theo has worked at Hyde Park for over two years and is being recognized as Caregiver of the Week. Whether it is day or night, he always answers his phone and is willing to go above and beyond to help our clients. He is hard working and strives towards bringing forth quality care. When he isn’t working, you can find Theo hanging out with his friends, reading a good book or enjoying a game of volleyball.

Ebenezer John II

In Home Care ScottsdaleEbenezer John moved to Phoenix three years ago to escape the weather in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up in New York City but was born in the U.S Virgin islands. Ebenezer joined our team in January, because he was not satisfied with his past employer. While reading the Scottsdale Airpark News he came across an article about Hyde Park, stating out of one hundred applicants only five met the high standards of the company. He immediately called Polly Morris and told her he was one of the five. The rest is history! Some of the reasons he enjoys working at Hyde Park are the philosophy, leadership and the excellent professional care that is offered to the clients. Outside of work he enjoys dining with friends, listening to Blues and Jazz, learning to play the piano and volunteering at the Black Theater in Phoenix. His goal this year is to learn Spanish!

Phoenix CaregiverSarah Storms

Sarah Storms was born in Kenya, she lived a couple years in California before moving to Phoenix five years ago. Sarah is being recognized as Caregiver of the Week for the amazing care that she offers to our clients. She has been with us since 2015 and become an important part of our team. One of the reasons that she loves working for our company is because she feels like the staff and Owner, Polly Morris, treats her like family. When she isn’t working you can find Sarah watching new movies or volunteering at her church.

Jacqueline H. Sparer

Phoenix In Home CareBorn in the UK, Jackie Sparer moved to America at three before heading back across the pond after high school where she followed her life-long passion for cooking and enrolled in England’s Walkers Cookery School. Upon finishing school, Sparer returned to the US and immediately went into the family business, estate appraising, until her first baby was born and she decided to become a stay-at-home mom. However, the kitchen continued to call her name. Knowing she could take the heat, Jackie began teaching her culinary arts to women’s groups, book clubs, and new brides. She has been working for Hyde Park, since it was a gleam in Polly’s eye. She loves working with the caregivers, teaching them how to cook and bake for clients. When she isn’t cooking, Jackie enjoys ballroom dancing, archery, scrapbooking, and knitting.


Dementia Care in Scottsdale

Scottsdale Dementia CareAt Hyde Park In-Home Care, our caregivers are trained to take special care of loved ones during each stage of dementia. The dementia care that we offer helps clients alleviate the confusion, stress, and anxiety that they might feel as a result of his/her illness.

Polly Morris, Owner of Hyde Park In-Home Care, was asked “how do your caregivers make patients suffering with dementia feel at ease?” She said “there are different stages of dementia ranging from mild to advanced. Every patient is different and though there may be many similarities in how dementia is manifested in different clients, we choose what is appropriate for the individual. Having said that, here are some tried and true methods of calming and engaging our clients with dementia. “

Stick to a routine.

Knowing what will happen next makes anyone feel more secure. Waking, bathing, having meals, walks, etc. at certain times each day allows dementia patients to feel more secure. The least amount of surprises the better.

Engage on the client’s level.

As mentioned, there are different stages to dementia, and we must adapt to engage the client so that they are interested and challenged but not so much that they will be discouraged or frustrated. We also make sure to learn about our clients’ interests.  For example, their hobbies, careers, etc. If someone was an architect, they might enjoy playing with Lego. If someone was an English teacher or enjoyed reading, they might enjoy playing scrabble. Each activity depends on the level of the dementia and the individual preferences of the client.


Whether it is stretching, walking or using a stationary bicycle, exercise is always good. It is extremely important to make fitness a part of their daily routine. As with everyone, exercise for dementia patients relieves stress and makes them feel more energetic and content.

Enjoying the outdoors.

If the weather allows, we like to have all our clients enjoy the outdoors. If it is appropriate for dementia patients and there is a safe patio or walkway they may use, making a small outing part of the daily routine is a good way to engage and entertain them. It is common for dementia patients to develop paranoia. Getting outside is a wonderful way to distract them from unpleasant thoughts and allow them to enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather.

Good Food

Everyone enjoys good food. When clients are home most of the time, it becomes even more important to prepare meals that the client especially enjoys, their favorite dishes and desserts give them something to look forward to every day.

Our goal is to make sure that each of our clients feels safe, secure, and well-cared for.  To learn more about dementia care in Scottsdale please contact us at (480) 250-0304.

Exercise for the Elderly

In Home Care PhoenixWe all have heard that exercise and fitness are vital to our health and well-being, but did you know that being active is extremely beneficial for seniors? Regular exercise can help control blood pressure, cholesterol levels and body weight. It can also reduce the risk of heart problems and strokes, and strengthen muscles, joints and bones—which can help fight Osteoporosis.

At Hyde Park In-Home Care, we are committed to assisting seniors in achieving a healthier, happier, balanced life through a variety of activities. Find out how our highly trained personal care attendants can enhance your overall well-being.

Enhancing Health and Well-Being at Hyde Park In-Home Care

It is always helpful to have someone provide us with motivation to exercise—and it is more enjoyable when you have a companion. If you wish to have your personal care attendant assist and encourage you, we would be more than happy to help you remain fit and flexible through walking, stretching, and range of other motion exercises that enhance you physically and emotionally.  Of course, all exercise is planned according to your specific needs and preferences, with permission and under instructions from your medical care provider.

Also, if you don’t want to do exercise at home, our personal care attendants can drive you to yoga, aquatics classes, golf range, parks, etc.

What Sets Hyde Park In-Home Care Apart

We believe companionship care should be an active form of care giving. Your personal care attendant at Hyde Park In-Home Care will be sure to make all activities appropriate for your level of physical and cognitive ability. They will also be sure to learn about your interests, past or current occupation, and hobbies so that activities, conversation, reading or entertainment is structured according to the subjects and pastimes you find interesting and enjoyable.

Our goal is to provide you with true companionship which means alleviating any feeling of isolation and making your day more interesting, enjoyable, and happy.

For more information about our in-home care services, call (480) 250-0304 or visit our website.