Home Care Services

The Best Quality Care Starts with the Best Caregivers

We saw the need for better in-home care and better training for caregivers. We believe that top quality means having the most dedicated and highly trained personal care attendants (PCAs).

Our Personal Care Attendants provide in-home care and assistance with:

Activities of Daily Living: Bathing, Grooming, Dressing, Toileting, Transferring, and Feeding

Assistance with ADLs is a significant part of a personal care attendant’s services. It entails caring for the most intimate and immediate needs of our clients.

The training they receive as certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and caregivers means that our PCAs are able to provide comprehensive in-home care that combines technical skills with the patience and compassion caregiving requires.

If you have special instructions under the direction of a registered nurse, our PCAs can follow those orders. Clients that have a condition that requires the skill of a nursing assistant can rest assured that our PCAs are qualified to care for them.

Our PCAs understand that maintaining the dignity of each client is essential, and their Hyde Park training emphasizes this point. An integral part of quality home care means attending to the physical and emotion well-being of our clients. This is where the five-star service training is highly effective. Our five-star care and service is founded on the principal that every client is a lady or a gentleman that must, at all times, be treated with the utmost respect.

Receiving assistance with activities with daily living from a Hyde Park Professional means that your needs will be met respectfully, comfortably and compassionately.


For those able to enjoy even very light exercise, it is always helpful to have someone provide us with motivation to do so. Even light exercise is more enjoyable when you have a companion. Walking, stretching, and range of motion exercises enhance you physically and emotionally. If you wish to have your PCA assist and encourage you, we would be happy to help you remain fit and flexible. Of course, all exercise is planned according to your specific needs and preferences, with permission and under instructions from your medical care provider.

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Meal Preparation, According to Your Nutritional Needs and Palate

Hyde Park Professionals receive extensive and continual training in culinary arts. Our training is comprehensive, including everything from sanitation and safe food storage to recipes for every kind of meal. We are delighted to cater, literally, to your personal tastes and requirements.

With culinary training in healthful cooking, delicious recipes and beautiful presentation, all meals and snacks prepared by Hyde Park Professionals are events to enhance your day. Our professionals are trained to cook for one mealtime or to prepare meals that can be stored so you can enjoy them any time.

Our PCAs are ready to serve not just meals, but sweet or savory snacks prepared as you wish and presented with flair throughout the day. If you enjoy tea or coffee, iced or hot, you can look forward to having it with a homemade cookie, cup cake or perhaps tea sandwiches. Hyde Park Professionals enjoy the chance to delight you with their culinary talent and creativity.

Feel Free to Invite Your Friends

Allow our professionals to entertain your friends and family during meal time or for a special treat any time of day. Our professionals make certain that all your guests enjoy the same level of service and hospitality that we bestow upon you.

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Concierge Services

We use this term to cover a variety of services aside from home healthcare or not directly related to it. Concierge services usually are contracted by Hyde Park and charged in addition to our care services accordingly.

We cannot claim to have used every service available to the public, but we can promise that we shall strive to recommend only those companies with whom we have developed relationships and whose services we have used in the past with 100% satisfaction.

We will always inform you if we have not used a service provider to date, and we shall always verify the reputations and references of such providers to help ensure that the services we contract on your behalf are performed correctly.

These services include:

  • Professional In-Home Manicures and Pedicures (also may be provided by your PCA)
  • In Home Professional Hair Styling (also may be provided by your PCA)
  • Massage Therapy and Facials
  • Cosmetologist, to apply your make-up for a special occasion
  • Heavy-duty housecleaning
  • Pet Care
  • Clothes alterations and repair, fitting in your home if you wish
  • Chauffeur or Limousine Services for appointments, short outings or long trips
  • Organizing storage areas such as a garage or attic
  • Individual instruction in computer skills, home theater and cellular devices
  • Landscaping
  • Pool Service
  • Handyman Repairs

If there is any service you require that is not listed, we would be delighted to help you find what you need and verify the reputation and references of the service provider.

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Advocacy/ Liaison Services

Our licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) has over 20 years’ experience in home healthcare and is available to work with clients and their families to access community resources and offer counseling and emotional support.

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Day Trips and Appointments / Activity Planning

It is our pleasure to take you and your friends on trips to the movies, plays, sporting events, or perhaps just for a walk in the park. If you enjoy dining out, allow us to make all the arrangements from reservations to transportation.

You may want to arrange to meet your friends or relatives for an event or just a small luncheon. Allow us to help you organize and plan your events. Our specialty is creating wonderful memories.

You may attend religious services regularly or have doctors’ appointments that cannot be missed. We are happy to drive you or arrange special transportation, if necessary, so that you can meet all your obligations and attend your engagements easily and stress-free.

Grocery Shopping and Errands, Trips to the bank, post office, pharmacy, etc.

We are pleased to do food shopping for you or with you to ensure that you have the necessary items on hand to create wonderful meals.

However, shopping is not limited to food. You may need several personal or household items. Our professionals are happy to take you shopping or shop on your behalf, even if for new clothes. We will help you to have everything you need.

Specialty or difficult to find items are not a problem. Neither are complicated errands or deliveries. We are prepared to go above and beyond to make your life easier and more comfortable.

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Active CompanionshipConversation, Reading, Games, and Crafts

We believe companionship care should be an active form of care giving. Hyde Park Professionals make perfect companions for the ladies and gentlemen we care for and serve. We believe companionship care must enhance your well-being by caring for your creature comforts and your intellect.

Your personal care attendant will be sure to make all activities appropriate for your level of physical and cognitive ability.

You PCA will be sure to learn about your interests, past or current occupation, and hobbies so that activities, conversation, reading or entertainment is structured according to the subjects and pastimes you find interesting and enjoyable.

Part of our Hyde Park University training includes learning about techniques that can be helpful for the emotional well-being of our clients. Our professionals learn how to provide active companionship which is beneficial in helping to create a pleasant and interesting environment for our clients.

For example, reminiscing is one method for companionship care that is taught at Hyde Park University. Reminiscing about fond memories encourages conversation that is happy and comforting. Hyde Park professionals are delighted to join you in looking through photograph albums, scrapbooking, and discussing your favorite memories.

If you enjoy discussing current events or an interesting book, your professional will gladly engage you in interesting conversation. If you enjoy having books, magazines or mail read to you, your Hyde Park caregiver will accommodate you and even provide material on topics of interest to you if you wish.

If card games, board games, or crafts are your preference, we’ll be sure you have everything you need to pass the time enjoyably with your personal care assistant or with friends.

Our goal is to provide you with true companionship which means alleviating any feeling of isolation and making your day more interesting, enjoyable, and happy.

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Please let us know how we may be of service to you. You may call or email us. We would be delighted to meet you for a Complimentary Consultation.