Care for All Ages

Regardless of Your Age, We Are Delighted to Be of Service
to You

Almost all of us, at some point, find ourselves in need of extra assistance for our own care or for the care of a loved one. The reasons for needing a personal care assistant (PCA) may vary, but our quality of care and service does not. All our PCAs undergo our Hyde Park University program. Our professionals are selected for their warm, graceful demeanors and skill, making them the perfect assistants to help you in your time of need.

Assisting Expectant Mothers and Parents with Young Children

Expectant mothers who have doctor’s orders to remain in bed might not only need care for themselves but also for her children. The more experienced parent with children might just need occasional help when the responsibilities become too demanding for just one person. A mother who has given birth to her first child and is frightened and overwhelmed might need an experienced helping hand.

Varied Circumstances Create the Need for Assistance at Any Age

We offer our services to clients in a variety of situations: a single adult might need care during a serious illness; a bed-bound spouse might not want to cause a husband or wife to miss work; or a teenager might need someone to care for him/her due to an injury incurred while playing sports.

Adults with developmental disabilities might need the care and encouragement of a trained personal care attendant who will help with activities of daily living and empower them to become as independent as possible. They might also need transportation to planned activities or day trips just for fun. Our PCAs excel at providing active companionship care to make each day interesting and enjoyable.

The reasons for needing the care and service of a Hyde Park personal care attendant are countless. This is why we customize our plan of care to meet your specific requirements. Regardless of the varied circumstances that bring you to us, we are delighted to offer you our consistent brand of quality care combined with five-star service.

Please let us know how we may be of service to you. You may call or email us. We would be delighted to meet you for a Complimentary Consultation.