Senior Home Care

Older Adults Should Be Safe, Comfortable, and Happy

We believe that to feel safe and comfortable, older adults need consistent care. Our CNA/caregivers are conscientious and reliable. You will always have the opportunity to meet and interview your caregiver before your care begins.

We also believe that older adults should enjoy life to the fullest. We make sure that your plan of care and activities match your physical needs and cognitive abilities.

Lifestyle is as much emotional as physical. Your Hyde Park Professional is trained to understand the kinds of activities, conversation, and entertainment that is enjoyable to you and that keeps your mind engaged. Your hobbies, favorite books and magazines often are related to past careers or where you grew up. Your HP Professional will learn the topics of conversation you find most satisfying, the entertainment and activities that would be of interest to you.

A large part of making your life at home as pleasant and comfortable as possible is making meals and snacks that are interesting and delicious. Every Hyde Park PCA is trained in culinary arts and five-star service. With Hyde Park in-home care and service, dining at home is as enjoyable and perhaps more comfortable than going out.

However, choosing to live in your home doesn’t mean staying at home all the time. Outside activities are an important part of living a full life. Your personal care attendant would be happy to take you to your important life events, such as a granddaughter’s birthday party or your grandson’s wedding. Equally important are the small and enjoyable events like a walk in the park, meeting your friends for lunch, seeing a movie, or attending a religious service.

Please let us know how we may be of service to you. You may call or email us. We would be delighted to meet you for a Complimentary Consultation.