The Hyde Park Touch

Why We Created the ‘Hyde Park Touch’

We created the Hyde Park Touch based on our belief that great care should go above and beyond the most basic needs. This means we do everything we can to make our clients feel safe, comfortable and happy.

The first step is to have experienced and dedicated personal care attendants (PCAs).Beyond the training they already have as certified nursing assistants and certified caregivers, our PCAs receive Hyde Park training. At Hyde Park University our PCAs learn anticipatory care which means they are trained to customize your care, taking care of your needs and preferences without your having to ask.

The Hyde Park Touch means that you will receive skillful and gentle care that is customized to your needs, your wishes, and your schedule.

Plan of Care and Service: Before you begin using Hyde Park services, we will meet with you to complete your customized plan of care and service. We understand that learning about you and your preferences is essential for us to provide the best care and service tailored to suit your needs, your schedule, and your life-style. Read more

Anticipatory Care and Service: This refers to your personal care attendant’s ability to understand your needs and preferences so well that your unexpressed requirements are fulfilled even before you realized their necessity. How hot you like your bathwater, if you take milk or cream in your coffee, your preferred snack, soft drink, pillow position, and magazine are among the preferences your PCA will be ready to accommodate without your having to ask. Read more

Enhanced Emotional Well-Being: Grace, Dignity, and Respect are the cornerstones of our care and service. Our personal care attendants are trained to enhance the emotional well-being of all our clients ranging from the most cognitively astute to those needing memory care. For every level of care, we understand that you must feel safe and comfortable before you feel content. This means having a warm, compassionate, and comforting personal care attendant who looks for ways to enrich your life. Read more

Enhanced Physical Well-Being: Our registered nurses train our personal care attendants beyond state certifications to ensure that all physical aspects of your care are customized to your needs so you can perform activities of daily living as easily and comfortably as possible. Often, specialized care is needed for those recovering from surgery or living with chronic conditions and illnesses. Hyde Park Professionals are trained to provide the care you need. Read more

Culinary Arts: Your dining preferences are especially important. Your Hyde Park Professional is extensively trained to prepare your favorite foods to your specifications and to delight you with new recipes that are in line with your tastes, palate, and nutritional needs. Further, your personal care attendant knows how to present and serve you in a five-star manner. If you wish to dine with friends and family, you can entertain them with delightful meals and service provided by your personal care assistant. Read more

Five-Star Service Training: This means that your Hyde Park Professional is trained to provide the level of service you might expect from the best five-star hotel or restaurant. Grace, decorum, and anticipatory care and service are the foundation of this exclusive training program. Read more


Please let us know how we may be of service to you. You may call or email us. We would be delighted to meet you for a Complimentary Consultation.