Culinary Arts

Delightful Meals Make Each Day a Pleasure

Hyde Park believes that meals should be nutritious and balanced, but also delicious and beautifully presented. This is why a great deal of effort is devoted to ensuring that Hyde Park caregivers are trained to make your meals and snacks enjoyable tasty events that brighten your day.

After lessons on kitchen health and safety, including sanitation, proper food storage, and cooking methods, we train our personal care attendants to cook a variety of recipes that suit every kind of palate.

Hyde Park caregivers learn to make breakfast dishes such as pancakes, omelets, and steel cut oatmeal, farina or grits. However, even such standards as these can be made extra special if you desire. You might prefer ricotta pancakes, oatmeal with pumpkin, chocolate hazelnut French toast, or a frittata with asparagus.

Lunch may be a simple Cobb or Greek salad prepared with homemade creamy or vinaigrette dressing or something with flair such as a baked salmon salad with apple dressing or a salad Nicoise.

Hyde Park personal care attendants can also prepare homemade soups, much healthier and tastier than canned. These can include items such as Italian vegetable soup, cream of carrot soup, chicken or lentil soup.

Snacks may be sweet or savory… cookies, puddings and cakes, small tea sandwiches or fruit salad. Your tastes and preferences will be our guide.

Dinner entrées may be prepared for a single serving or made so that there is plenty for left-overs.  Such meals may include halibut with balsamic glaze, grilled raspberry chicken or herb-encrusted lamb.

Of course, if your tastes lean toward more basic meals or comfort food, we are delighted to accommodate you.

Specialized Food Requirements or Preferences

Our personal care attendants are prepared to follow the instructions of your nutritionist or doctor so that you can enjoy meals that are tasty and suited to your specific needs. If you have diabetes, are lactose intolerant, or are allergic to wheat or other food items, our personal care attendants are happy to follow your medical personal care attendant’s recommendations or your preferences in preparing your meals and snacks.

Hyde Park personal care attendants understand the importance, for those that have special dietary requirements, of avoiding starchy foods, purchasing soy or almond milk, sugar free items, or gluten free breads.

For those clients whose doctors order that they be careful of sodium intake or fatty foods, our personal care attendants know how to prepare foods with alternate spices and fat-free substitute ingredients. They also know how to prepare fresh, healthy meals that are naturally low in sodium or fat to keep you fit, happy and well-fed.

Our personal care attendants will always follow your preferences and your nutritionist or doctor’s recommendations concerning ingredients and meal preparation.


Please let us know how we may be of service to you. You may call or email us. We would be delighted to meet you for a Complimentary Consultation.