Hyde Park University

You Receive the Best Care From Professionals Who Receive the Best Training

Beyond their CNA and caregiver certifications, our personal care attendants receive extra training in caring for clients with specific physical conditions or at various stages of cognitive ability. They also receive Five-Star Service Training so they understand that the best care means always treating our clients with the greatest respect and grace.

Hyde Park Training Programs Include:

Enhanced Emotional Well-Being

  • Understanding Stages of Aging and the Effects of Aging
  • Being Sensitive to the Needs of the Elderly and Vulnerable Adults
  • How Aging Affects Client and Family Relationships
  • How to Engage a Client with Conversation or Activities Suited to Their Interests and Abilities
  • Understanding how physical illness or limitations affect emotional well-being or may lead to depression
  • Recognizing the Symptoms of Depression
  • Techniques in Caring for Clients with Depression—Ways to Uplift Their Spirits
  • Techniques for enhancing every client’s well-being—foot and hand rubs, favorite music, pleasant atmosphere

Caring for Clients with Cognitive Disabilities such as Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia

  • Understanding the stages of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • Recognizing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • How losing cognitive abilities affects client emotionally and physically
  • Understanding how to cope with clients who act-out due to their cognitive impairment—how to avoid stressing a confused or disoriented client/how to calm and sooth
  • Techniques for engaging cognitively impaired clients—engaging all their senses in activities that calm, interest, and please them

Caring for Clients with Chronic Physical Illnesses

  • Understanding the specialized needs of clients living with diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, heart disease, pulmonary condition, ALS or other debilitating illnesses
  • Techniques for bathing, grooming, transferring, patients with chronic illnesses
  • Recognizing the signs of distress or pain even when clients cannot verbally express themselves
  • Techniques for making clients as comfortable as possible
  • Techniques for tailoring activities to clients’ abilities and comfort level, finding ways to minimize the effects of clients’ illness on their life-style or activities.

Culinary Arts

  • Kitchen Health and Safety
  • Food Safety—Cooking, Handling, Storage
  • Basic Cooking Skills
  • Advanced Cooking Skills and Methods
  • Healthy Cooking and Ingredients
  • Hands-On Meal Preparation
  • Extensive Recipes Suited to Every Taste and Palate
  • Cultural Awareness, rules and restrictions for certain ethnicities
  • Menu Planning
  • Table Setting
  • Creative Plating

Five-Star Service Training

  • Serving Ladies and Gentlemen—all clients are ladies and gentlemen and must always be treated as such
  • Cultural Sensitivity, understanding the preferences and life-style of our clients
  • Demeanor, always presenting oneself and behaving with grace and dignity
  • Respect, always remembering that our clients have led interesting and full lives, respecting each client as an individual with specific needs and preferences
  • Anticipatory Care, learning to anticipate a client’s needs or preferences and attending to them before the client needs to ask
  • Empowerment, for our personal care attendants so that they may delight clients with extra-special niceties such as a birthday card, flowers, favorite snack without worrying about the extra cost which Hyde Park is happy to cover


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