Plan of Care and Service

It’s All About You

The major advantage to having home care is that your care can be tailored to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle. The plan of care will also accommodate special requirements due to physical limitations or memory care. At every level of need, we make sure that each day is as pleasurable as possible.

We would be delighted to learn as many details about your preferences as you can provide. Paying attention to detail is how we can customize your care and service to suit you. We will ask about your sleep patterns, the kinds of food you love and how you like them prepared, your favorite pastimes at home or for day trips, your favorite music and shows, and about the ways in which you like to relax, such as with a cup of tea, a foot-rub, or sitting outside in the shade.

Our purpose is to enhance your life and your well-being. We do this by allowing your specific needs, your schedule and your preferences to shape how we care and serve you. Your plan of care will be modeled according to your personal life-style.

Please let us know how we may be of service to you. You may call or email us. We would be delighted to meet you for a Complimentary Consultation.